We specialize in DevSecOps, which is the practice of integrating operations and security at every stage of software development. This allows us to create a truly agile development pipeline that sets our clients up for long term success.

We eliminate operational “surprises” that cause delays. We identify and address security risks ahead of time. We deploy valuable software quickly and often.


As a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) owned 8(a) company, we are able to offer several advantages to federal contracting officers and teaming partners. The 8(a) program is designed to assist socially and economically disadvantaged businesses in getting their fair share of contracting opportunities through direct, sole-source, and non-competed contract awards from federal agencies.

We can help federal contracting officers:

  • Reach the small, disadvantaged business participation benchmarks set by their agency’s Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization.
  • Efficiently award work with no competitive threshold through the expedited 8(a) sole-source contracting process.


As a CMMC Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO), we have a team of Registered Practitioner (RP) personnel to ensure our clients are always cyber secure.